"On the pages of this website you will find stories from performers around the world who have been helped by IPAT not just to keep performing, but to stay alive.

"Groups come to us, or are suggested to us, when they have practically nowhere else to turn. Our organisation enables performers to eat, access medicines and have somewhere safe to live. Some of the groups have now become self-sufficient. Others are in situations that mean – whether for social, political or economic reasons – they will need our aid for the foreseeable future. Please help us to help them," Alan Rickman, Honorary President, IPAT.






The International Performers' Aid Trust is a charity for the relief of poverty amongst people involved in the performing arts in distress in all parts of the world. Our decisions are made on professional and humanitarian principles, without political bias.

The trust will endeavour to supply such aid and encouragement as is appropriate, for the preservation of the life and health of those working in the performing arts suffering from poverty and distress to enable them to continue to develop and nurture the imaginative faculty which is the heart of drama, music and artistic performance. IPAT will support performing artists in need, including those who teach through the performance arts.

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A Chile Christmas -- A quest for truth and meaning in a land torn apart by military dictatorship.

Written and performed by Peter Searles.

December 15, 2013 from 3.30pm at The Tristan Bates Theatre, Covent Garden, London.

Doors open 3.15pm – join us for a glass of wine, an empanada and a talk by IPAT volunteers.

Admission: By donation – all proceeds to IPAT.

Click here for full details & email us for tickets.


Why not pledge to help IPAT through the Legacy10 project? From April this year, anyone leaving 10% of their taxable estate to charity will qualify for a reduced rate of inheritance tax. Click here for more information.

About IPAT

While the public's image of artists is dominated by rock stars and highly-paid Hollywood actors, the truth is that all around the world there are artists who struggle to make a living - even struggle to survive - while at the same time preserving their local cultures and bringing joy to others. IPAT, and its supporters, seeks to help them. We provide support for performers around the world, defending their rights and combatting poverty. To find out more about these projects please click here.

We currently fund projects in Africa, South America, the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

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